I’m not sure if my readers know this, but I run Pump Up Your Book Promotion which is an “innovative public relations agency specializing in online book promotion.”  What I do is send authors on virtual book tours.  It provides me with purpose, self-satisfaction and helps pay the bills. ;o)

In my quest to feng shui my life, I often encounter obstacles which want to stand in my way of happiness and a lot of times it’s the fear factor that is doing it.  Should I do this to create this?  Am I too scared to take the risks involved?

I have an author on tour this month who has written a book titled Gulp! The 7 Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge.  The author’s name is Gabriella Goddard and she’s been such a joy to work with.  But, not only that, I have enjoyed representing such a great book that I’d like to tell you more about it.

Gulp! The 7 Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge is the sort of book that will take you through the steps to master your fear so that you can do whatever it is you dreamed of doing.  By eliminating the fear factor, we can accomplish anything we set out to do and that’s why I’m spotlighting Gabriella’s book today.  Here’s more about this wonderful book: 

When Gabriella found a lump in her breast it was a real wake up call. Faced with her own mortality, she was forced to take a good hard look at her life. And that’s when she reconnected to her childhood dream of being a writer. She asked herself, “If not now…then when?”

Gulp! is the realisation of that dream and Gabriella’s message is clear; Give Up Living Passively! Drawing on cutting-edge coaching techniques and blending together Eastern and Western philosophies, she has created a 7 day crash course that offers a new way for people make powerful changes that really matter in their life – without waiting for the wake up call!

So, if you want to change your job, then start now. If you dream of setting up your own business, then start now. If you’ve always yearned of climbing Machu Pichu, then start now. If it’s time to leave a dysfunctional relationship, then start now. If you’ve dreamed of writing a children’s book, then start now. Or if it’s time to deal with a health crisis, then start now.Here is a sample of the secrets you’ll find in Gulp!:- How to recognize your “pivot point” and say yes to change – effortlessly.- The Fear Cycle – and how you can break it in an instant.- Five powerful ways to cultivate inner calm – so you stay strong even in the midst of chaos.- Eight “sparks” to ignite your imagination – and do things you never thought possible. – The five step plan that beats procrastination – and actually turns your idea into action.- How to hone your intuition and instinct – and why it’s your secret weapon.- Four easy techniques to stay focused – without losing momentum.Gulp! is a practical, effective everyday guide designed to inspire real people to make real changes. So whether you want to achieve results in seven days or take your time and do it over several months Gulp! will inspire you to kick start your change and help keep you on track to see it through to the end.

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Gabriella’s book, it’s available at Amazon and all major retail outlets, but why not stop off at her website to find out more about Gabriella first.  Then, you decide.   Is the fear factor holding you back from accomplishing your dreams or even living your day-to-day lives normally?  Read the book and find out how you can conquer the fear factor, find happiness and feng shui your life to the max.

Oh…while you’re over at Gabriella’s website, sign up for her newsletter and receive FREE her One Time Gulp Toolkit.  

And one more thing…watch the trailer for this magnificent book!


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